Mary Ladouceur

Lead Vocals/Keyboard/Synth/Harp

Acoustic rhythm and electric guitar 

Mary began performing in 1977 in a duo called Daybreak

In  1992 she opened the Spare Room Recording Studio

In Bethlehem Nh.

She had the privilege of recording

many talented bands and musicians !

In 2008 Mary and Charlie formed Still Kickin'


With stunning lead and harmony vocals,

Mary adds very captivating and alluring vocals to the band  !

No matter if she is rocking out a power vocal

or singing a slow ballad

she delivers in a special way you won't forget !

Mary is a  talented keyboard-synth player,

guitarist, and harp player adding some real authenticity

to many of the rock songs the band plays.

She has been very involved

bringing the music to life and giving Still Kickin'

a very exceptional and unique sound !


Influences : The Beatles, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, 

Doobie Brothers, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac



Dan Before

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Born with a love for music

and a guitar in his hand, Dan's passion for
signature guitar licks came to life in 1979 while riding a bus
through New York City
The song Sultans of Swing was playing on the radio and the
amazing guitar playing of Mark Knophler caught his attention and
sent him on a journey that is still ongoing today !

Dan strives to get those signature guitar licks that make the
songs sound just the way you remember them.


                           Current Equipment:
                           USA Fender Stratocaster
                           Roland Cube 80 Amp
                           Duct Tape & Sun Glasses
                           Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
                          One Dunlop Pick and Couple Guitar Cables

                         Influences : Dire Straits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Blues Brothers,
                          Jesus Christ, Merle Haggard, REM, The Eagles, Billy Joel.

                    Favorite Guitarist: Steve Gaines, Mark Knophler, Gary Moore
                          Ed King, Gary Rossington.


Charlie Gamache

Keyboard/Bass Guitar/Vocals

One of the founding members of Still Kickin'

Charlies love for music came at a very young age.

He actually  started playing in bands in his teens and has

refined his keyboard and bassist skills to a professional level 

and is still going strong today !

Not only an amazing entertainer and musician,

Charlie is an  excellent  lead vocalist with a 

very resonant and smooth voice and  also  excels at harmony. 

Charlie's rock-solid  professional style of playing and vocals 

are a driving force in the Still Kickin' sound !



 Dennis Frechette